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Forget one size fits all – these tailored sessions are just for you.

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Discovery Session

We don’t believe in charging for things that don’t work for you, so our 45 -minute ‘getting clarity’ session lets you chat with us and get an idea if we are a good fit to work together. From there, we can tailor a pathway that works perfectly for you.

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Shine Your Story Session

Using a process of facilitation and mentoring, this half-hour session helps you refine your business story for use in presentations or networking events. When your story shows who you are on a deeper level, your audience buy-in zooms upward.

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Shine Sessions ®

- Our Shine Sessions are individual, one-to-one sessions that combine the three modalities of coaching, counselling and mentoring [as required] to guide you to a place of clarity and confidence.

This session is perfect for you if you are feeling that there is more to life—you’re itching for more, but you’re unsure what your next step should be; or if you’ve struck a block on your pathway towards flying high as a speaker.

Helping you bust the barriers of self-doubt, and refine your vision and mission, we’ll polish those rough edges.

No one-size fits all approach here, Shine Sessions are individually tailored and cover:

  • Clarity—In your vision, mission and pathway.
  • Confidence—In yourself and in your ability to connect and communicate with others.
  • Values profiling—Truly grasp why certain things matter so much to you and anchor your life to them.
  • Removing success blockers— No more reasons to be held back.
  • Recognition of your personal brilliance—You have it in you. You always have, and we’ll prove it to you.
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Balloon Principle ® Optimal Speaker

Don’t like to do learn in a group? This 12-month program allows you to learn directly from Mary with 2 hours per week contact time.

We look at where you are at, where you want to go, do a full skills analysis, and then tailor an individual pathway that is aligned to you and your journey, and respects your individual learning pace.

You will master the skills of a world-class speaker; create spectacular keynote presentations; gain the ability to communicate with ease and flow; and be fully supported and mentoring throughout.

We’ll also share special connections with you to allow you to secure world-class opportunities and international recognition.

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Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument ® Profile

Get a greater understanding of how you and others think. Your profile is assessed online and followed by a debrief which takes between 60 and 90 minutes. This is an invaluable tool that assists with relationships, communication, team building and project management.

Get in touch with Mary

I get it. Some people would prefer to be in touch directly. 

So I can give you my undivided attention, schedule a time for a call by clicking below.