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Mary Wong Speaker | Author | Mentor | Trainer

I believe that there are deep thinkers, innovators, people with bright ideas, who have the potential to lead the world with positive change.

My mission is to help those people drive their cause by effectively sharing their message internationally through workshops and keynote speaking.

And I know you can do it…

It is my personal pathway to being able to communicate effectively that proves to me that the ability to be an exceptional communicator can be learned – you don’t have to be born with the gift of the gab.

The youngest of six children, I discovered from day one that if you want to be heard, you must speak out. It took quite a lot more time for me to learn that communicating my message required more than high volume!

With large vision, comes challenge.  It’s not unusual to find yourself hiding – squashing your voice, tucking your bright ideas away from the world; and allowing others to tell you what to do as you try to fit in.

I lived that journey through several careers. Always, something was missing. I lost myself – I was unhappy, disconnected and unable to make a difference.

Then came the turning point.

I was diagnosed with the Big C - Leukaemia. As you can imagine, that was devastating, but it was the wake-up call I needed. The diagnosis helped me appreciate what a gift the life is. At the top of my mind, every moment was one thought, “I have a job to do – a mission. I can’t leave yet.”

I realised what I needed was to listen to my own voice. In doing so, I gained clarity, confidence, connection, and credibility.

Now, it is time to share my voice and pay forward what I have learned.

What the world needs most right now, is for bright ideas to be shared.

If you know you are here for a reason; if you want to contribute but have been holding back, my mission is to help you speak out, to step up and shine, as you are intended to.

Let me help you find your voice.

Come, shine with me – I’ll help you share your hidden genius and together we can change the world!


Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring

Diploma of Business Management

Diploma of Counselling

Certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument ® Practitioner

Certified Conversational Intelligence ® Practitioner

International Corporate trainer, Fellow of International Training in Communication

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