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Mary Wong Conversation Coach | Mentor | Author | Speaker

Imagine a world...

where workers enthusiastically focus on the task at hand because they love their workplace and are deeply engaged in their work community.

Imagine a world where toxic relationships transform into kind and supportive ones; where workplace bullying doesn’t exist; where it is safe to say what needs to be said; where teams are a well-oiled machine.

Imagine a world where asking questions for which the answer is unknown and sharing conversations to build on each other’s ideas creates something far greater than any person could have created alone.

This is the world I work towards.

I help organisations, executives, managers and their teams to connect on a deeper level, resolve their disputes and create new relationships, through clearly speaking their truth in a kind and supportive way.

With this kind of excellent communication in place, teams become more connected, innovative, and highly productive.

Businesses become more successful, with extra sales, happy customers, reduced absenteeism, and better bottom lines.

Managers become highly respected leaders who exceed KPI’s, enthuse their team members and set the benchmark in their industries.

All this and more is possible with excellent communication.

You don’t have to be born with the gift of the gab – I certainly wasn’t.

It is my personal pathway to excellence in communication that proves to me that the ability to be an exceptional communicator can be learned.

Let me share my expertise so you too can shine as a leader.


Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring

Diploma of Business Management

Diploma of Counselling

International Corporate trainer, Fellow of International Training in Communication

Certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument ® Practitioner

Certified Conversational Intelligence ® Practitioner

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