Terms & Conditions

It is important that you read the following to assist us in ensuring the success of your function at Optimal Space. Once you have read the T's & C's you are required to complete and sign the "Booking & Agreement Form" and return it to the Function Co-Ordinator at [email protected]
Your Booking will receive 'confirmed' status upon full payment of room hire.


These are based on the information and estimated number of attendees as provided from the organisers on initial contact and are subject to change at management's discretion. However, every effort is made to honour an initial Proposal.


We request that the ‘Booking & Agreement Form’ is completed and returned ASAP after making your tentative booking. Your booking is not secure until the Room Hire has been paid in full. Payment of room hire is required prior to all functions.


In the event of a cancelled booking:
• 7 days or less notice – no reimbursement of room hire.
• 7 to 14 days’ notice – 50% reimbursement
• 14 to 28 days’ notice – 75% reimbursement
• More than 28 days – full reimbursement

Notification of rescheduling must be in writing to [email protected], and the rescheduled date must be confirmed and paid in full within 7 days of advice of the reschedule, otherwise this will be regarded as a cancellation.
Rescheduling must occur a minimum 2 days prior to the originally scheduled event.

In the event of a rescheduled booking:
• Less than 2 days’ notice – all paid monies are forfeited.
• 2 to 7 days’ notice – 50% forfeited, 50% allocated to the next booking.
• 7 to 14 days’ notice – 20% forfeited, 80% allocated to the next booking.


Bookings are transferable subject to approval by Optimal Space management and completion of the transfer request form. Monies will be refunded to the original host on completion of the booking transfer process and payment in full by the new host.


Functions held on a Sunday or Public Holidays are subject to a 15% surcharge inclusive of room hire.


The hours of room hire are to be established at the time of enquiry and advised on the Booking & Agreement Form. Further to this, client access and hours will be confirmed on the Optimal Space Event Order.
For Budget package booking hire, the hours must include setup and pack down time. Excess fees apply to overstaying of stated hire hours.
Any changes to the hours of hire are to be negotiated with the Function Co-Ordinator and must be stated in writing.
As per our approved trading hours, all functions must conclude no later than 10pm.


The organiser is financially liable for any damage or replacement to Optimal Space property.


A $500 cleaning fee applies if function rooms are left with excessive soiling and commercial cleaning is required. Decorations are to be kept in tidy order. If used, table sprinkles must be vacuumed and removed completely by the hirer on completion of the event.


Public Liability.
Hirers must have their own Public Liability Insurance. A certificate of currency must be submitted a minimum 7 days prior to the event. Failure to provide a certificate of currency will result in cancelation of the event with all applicable cancelation fees.

Reasonable care will be taken to protect your property. However, Optimal Space or Optimal Life Solutions cannot take responsibility for the damage or loss of items before, during or after an event.
It is required that all property not belonging to the venue be removed by the organisers/3rd parties on conclusion of the event.


Any equipment or possessions left behind after an event will be held for a maximum of two weeks. Items not collected within this time may be given to charity. Alternative arrangements can be made to collect belongings at the convince of Optimal Space Functions coordinator and this must not interfere with other functions taking place on the premises.


Please advise the Function Co-Ordinator of any sponsorship rights you may be bound by. Management reserves the right to approve any displays/signage within the function rooms and outdoor spaces. Prior permission is required for any posters, banners or display material being displayed. Staples, nails, screws, or tape may not be used at any time. 3M adhesive or blu-tac may be used on white-board surfaces but must not be used on any painted surfaces.
Whiteboard pens ONLY must be used for writing on whiteboard surfaces.
A fee will be charged to the hirer for repairs to any damage.


Fire exits & public entrances are to be kept clear at all times. A copy of the evacuation plan and exit points will be included in the booking pack. It is policy that organisers notify guests and attendees of these procedures.


If you are sending any boxes, banners, or other equipment, it is important that it be addressed to the 'Function Co-Ordinator' with the name and date of the event. It should also be noted on your Information Sheet that you are sending material. It is the responsibility of your staff to pack up and organise for a freight company to collect any boxes etc after the event.
Extra costs may be incurred for storage of items prior to or following events. Whilst all care will be taken, Optimal Space or Optimal Life Solutions will not take responsibility to items while held on the premises or throughout the transport and delivery process.


If the Optimal Space, Optimal Life Solutions has any reason to believe that any event/function will affect the smooth running of the business, its security or reputation, then management reserves the right to cancel at its discretion and without notice or liability.
No activities deemed illegal under the laws of the land will be permitted.


Smoke machines, naked flames, scented candles, sparklers, incense or strobe lighting are not to be used as they may set off the fire alarms. If the alarms are activated for any improper use of the above mentioned, a fee will apply (this could be $1500 or more). Organisers are required to advise third parties of this procedure.


Please advise the Function Co-Ordinator if you are involving the media with your event, whether by way of advertising or as part of your event. Please ensure all attendees sign a media waver if they are to be included in footage or photographs of your event.
If you require Optimal Life Solutions to organise security for your event please be advised there will be an additional charge for this. Request this via the Function Co-Ordinator at [email protected]


Function staff can be provided as necessary. Any specifications e.g. Drinks or Finger food tray service, can be arranged at an additional cost. (At least two months’ notice is required for the rostering of extra staff.)


Organisers must ensure their guests conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Management and staff reserve the right to remove any guests from the premises if they behave in an unreasonable manner. If additional personnel are required to deal with badly behaved guests, the hirer will be charged accordingly for any expenses incurred.
Inappropriate behaviour by guests resulting in damages to Optimal Space property will be charged to the host hiring the room. Damage to any equipment or Optimal Space property is the responsibility of the host.


Hirers and their guests are required to be respectful of the fact that this is a place of business and there may be other rooms being used at the same time. Noise is to be kept to a level that will not disturb the events or business being carried out in the building. When leaving, be respectful of our neighbours. Excessive noise complaints may result in a fine.

If you are providing alcohol for your event it is the responsibility of the event owner to ensure that the alcohol is consumed responsibly, and all rubbish is to be put in the recycle bins provided.
Damage occurring from drunk or disorderly patrons will be charged to the hirer.
An alcohol licence is required for any event at which alcohol is sold. Optimal Space and Optimal Life Solutions will not take responsibility for any licencing breaches, fines or legal action arising from failure to follow liquor licencing laws.


Optimal space is a strictly no smoking venue. There is a smoking area near the far back fence. Cigarette butts are to be extinguished carefully and placed into the outdoor rubbish receptacle.


All forms and emails submitted to Optimal Space will receive a confirmation of receipt.
It is the responsibility of the hirer to resubmit should confirmation not be received.


Confirmation of anticipated numbers of attendees must be given to the Function Co-Ordinator no less than one week prior to your function. Definite final numbers are required no less than two business days prior to your function.


Optimal Space is a self-catering space. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to organise, serve and clean up all foods consumed at the event. Additional cleaning costs will be added if the space is not left clean and tidy - please refer to CLEANING FEE. If required the function Manager can organise wait staff, cleaning staff and order catering please refer to FUNCTION STAFF.