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Events & Workshops

From workshops to networking to social events. It’s all here.



This is where you go to make some seriously focused progress.


By Mary

She writes and speaks and here you can find Mary’s latest books.


Events & Workshops

From workshops to networking to social events. It’s all here.


Welcome! I'm Mary.

I’m the CEO and founder of Optimal Life Solutions and founder of the Balloon Principle ® Speaker System.

I'm known for helping people shine in their ability to communicate their message so they can leave a legacy of positive world change.

My clients come to me because they want to leave a legacy of good, to make a real and tangible difference.

They are deep thinkers, innovators, people with bright ideas – and often have the answers the world needs. They want to create a bigger impact, but they may not see themselves as a leader or speaker.

From my own journey, I know it is possible to bring a hidden voice to light. I also know that confidence, communication and connection can be learned – no matter how lacking you might think you are in those areas.

What the world needs most right now, is bright ideas.

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance you have them….and I have the tools to help you share them.

Do you have a bright idea?

Let me help you find your voice, share your mission and make a difference.

Come, shine with me – together we can change the world!

Mary Wong Speaker | Author | Mentor | Trainer


My Latest Book

Fifteen years of international speaking and training come together to help you start your world-changing journey to international speaker. Purchase pre-release at discounted price $24.95, postage included

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