‘The secret to high achievement is choosing a pathway tailored to your uniqueness.’
Mary Wong

How We Work

Just as exceptional leaders are uniquely individual, so are the actions each person needs to take on the pathway to achieve success as a leader.

Whilst there are commonalities, there are also big differences.

That’s why, at Optimal Life Solutions, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all package or program.

Prior to offering our executive coaching services, we consult with you to assess your needs and tailor our offering specifically to your desired outcomes.

This allows us to serve you better with optimal utilisation of your resources for excellent results.

Services are provided to business executives, teams, and to individuals.

Services to Individuals

Our clients come for all sorts of reasons 

– some are enthusiastic about career advancement and are working towards a promotion.
– some have been given a promotion and are finding it difficult to have authority over people who were previously team-mates.
– some have started their own business and are feeling overwhelmed with the need to stand out as the key person.
– some have teams that just don’t get along and are at a loss for how to fix the problem.
– some want to write a book about a new process or way of life; or a life-experience they wish to share.
– some have had negative feedback at work and want to rebuild their confidence.
– some are just sick and tired of feeling like they are holding back and have decided it’s their time now.

Often, there’s a combination of reasons.

Whatever the reason for reaching out, we respect their personal journey and work at a pace that is right for them.

Names or information about our clients are never shared without written client consent. So, they can be assured of our confidentiality.

The first step is to make an appointment to chat with Mary personally – this is a free, no-obligation session where we look at where you are now, where you’d like to be and what options are available for you to get there. That’s called a ‘Shine Session’.

Corporate /Business services

At Optimal Life Solutions, we offer a range of services tailored to the specific needs of businesses and organisations. 

Services delivered include the use of profiling tools (Roche Martin ® Emotional Intelligence Profiles and 360 Profiles; HBDI® Profiling, DISC®, CIQ® Catalyst tool); one-to-one mentoring and coaching; workshops; and group or team sessions; and/or a combination of each; with delivery occurring at the time frame best suited to the budget, outcomes and learning styles of those involved.

Audience-Specific Workshop topics include Herrmann Brain Dominance Profiling; Inspirational Leadership – Contribution and Community; Exemplary Leadership – Communication and Channels; Innovative Leadership – Conversation and Co-Creation; Leading from Stage – Public Speaking Essentials.

To find out how we can help you boost your bottom line through an enthusiastic, engaged, and highly innovative team, schedule a conversation with Mary now.

Writing Services

Business Story Facilitation

Sharing your why with your audience will deepen their interest and enthusiasm in what you have to offer.

Using a process of facilitation and mentoring, this 90-minute session helps you discover your business story for use in presentations or networking events.

Once your magic is realised, Mary writes your story for you. The completed story is delivered a maximum of 10 business days after the session.

When your story shows who you are on a deeper level, your audience buy-in zooms upward.


As an Amazon International Best-Selling Author, and with multiple awards for short stories under her belt, you can be sure Mary knows how to write engaging books and stories.

She enjoys applying her writing ability to your projects – be they a full book or just a chapter. Ghostwriting is a confidential service.

As every writing project differs, pricing is based on the individual project. Delivery times also vary depending on the scale of the project. For this reason, writing projects are offered on a strictly limited basis and are subject to availability.

Book Coaching

For most people, book coaching is the difference between dreaming of becoming an author, and getting published. Writing a book alone is an extremely difficult journey, and one that is usually unsuccessful. 
At Optimal Life Solutions we have a range of options to help you get your book completed.

At base level, there is an online DIY course which will take you from start to finish.

At level two, there are group projects, which allow you to dip your toe in as an author, completing a chapter in an anthology book. This includes group coaching, to assist the group to write well. 

At level three, Mary will work with you to assist you to complete your first draft in a 16-week program – you write, she guides, gives feedback, cheerleads, and is your go-to person for all things book as you progress. At the end of the 16 weeks, you will have completed your first draft.

At level four, you can choose how much you DIY and how much Mary project manages the publishing of your book. This includes editing, formatting, cover design, printing and e-publishing. 

Prices are dependent on the level chosen. If you are not sure where to start, or are ready to get going, make a time now to book in.

Schedule a call to discuss your book with Mary by clicking here.

Other Services

Room Hire

When she first started delivering workshops, Mary found it difficult to find well set-up spaces in which to run a small event, that didn’t break the budget. So, she created her own space in which to run small group workshops or meetings. 

Optimal Space in Enoggera has everything you need to run your event – there are whiteboards and LED screens built-in, air-conditioning, a full kitchen, and free off-street parking. We have a training room, Board room, and consultation room.

Check out the space kit below for more information, and book a viewing for your next event.

Optimal Conversations Podcast

The Optimal Conversations podcast is available on all major podcast platforms. 
Mary interviews amazing leaders, and everyday people, unearthing incredible stories of courage, community, and conversations that changed lives.